Took a 30min drive to the shop to drop off film and they no longer develop film. Drive all the way back to the Walgreens not far from my house and they no longer develop film. Drive to the Walgreens a few miles in the opposite direction of my house and their machine is broken. -_-

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The Temptations. 


I Want You Til The Summertime - Mos Def

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Counting Stars - Nujabes 

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Good morning.

Photo from another day.
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Taken (like the movie)

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Wish I didn’t live so far away from everyone.

Eli, 2010

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Michigan Summer | Adam Santoya

The latest from Adam Santoya! Michigan Summer is part of a 60 track compilation, Blvnt Raps & Beats Vol. 3 by Blvnt Records. Check it out. It’s cruising music.

- - -

Expect to see more of Adam on your dash in the coming months. Many, many photographs to come whether he likes them or not. ;)

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Be good to the people you love. Set goals & work hard. Eat well & travel often.

& don’t take shit from anybody.

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