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Oddisee x Killing Time

I feel for people that don’t fuck with Oddisee and Mello Music Group

You're such a cutie and your eyes are marvelous.

☺️ thanks

Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, offers a glimpse of an entirely different side to Iran than the image usually broadcasted by domestic and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Journey, many of the photographs reveal an Iran that most people never see, presenting an eye-opening look at the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist in the country.

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Your photographs are so beautiful.

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Thank you :) I needed that.

One Detroit Center
J’s photo, my edit.

I’m not 100% sold on it yet but if you’re on Cirqle, find me!

I will forever regret not learning to play the drums..

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Kid A - BB Bleu