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Taken (like the movie)

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Wish I didn’t live so far away from everyone.

Eli, 2010

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Michigan Summer | Adam Santoya

The latest from Adam Santoya! Michigan Summer is part of a 60 track compilation, Blvnt Raps & Beats Vol. 3 by Blvnt Records. Check it out. It’s cruising music.

- - -

Expect to see more of Adam on your dash in the coming months. Many, many photographs to come whether he likes them or not. ;)

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Be good to the people you love. Set goals & work hard. Eat well & travel often.

& don’t take shit from anybody.

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Making selfies in the parking lot while I wait. Hope you guys have a great weekend! xx

Back to carrying my camera everywhere I go.

Ik mis het. Ik hou van het.

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I miss Lake Michigan.